Punjab instructs bus drivers to hand over mobiles to conductors

4Chandigarh, The Transport Minister, Punjab, S Ajit Singh Kohar has expressed deep concern at the road accidents taking place in the state taking a toll of precious lives.
Requesting the drivers of all vehicles to obey traffic rules in their own interests Mr. Kohar called for the collective efforts to be made to reduce road accidents. He  issued strict instructions to the motor vehicle authorities and traffic police personnel to take strong action against the violators of traffic rules.
He said that use of mobile phones while driving has been banned and drivers should always adhere to this rule. The Minister said that while driving the  bus drivers should handover their mobiles to the conductors so as  to be able to concentrate on following the road safety rules.
The Minister  while instructing the PWD officials , said that sign boards should be displayed for the convenience of the public, wherever the road repair work  was going on , so that traffic accidents could be avoided. Besides this, the minister also asked for the steel or concrete railings to be put up on village canals, wherever these are non-existent.
He also laid stress on the need for an awareness campaign to guide people about the road safety rules and its compliance.

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