Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria uses foul language for Manmohan Singh, later apologises

500871-manmohansingh700Jaipur: Rajasthan Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria courted controversy on Sunday when he used foul language while referring to former prime minister Manmohan Singh.
During a meeting of BJP workers in Churu, Kataria, while comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to his predecessor, said, “Desh ka pradhan mantri pehle Manmohan Singh jab America utarta tha, toh s**le ko receive karne kay liye aira-gera nathu khaira mantri ja karke airport se lekar ata tha. Lekin ab Hindustan ka pradhan mantri jab jata hai, toh Obama swayam uth karke jata hai uski agwani karne ke liye. (When Manmohan Singh went to America to go to America, ***** was received by ordinary ministers but now, when India’s PM goes, Obama (US President) comes to receive him.”
Later Kataria told The Indian Express – “It was wrong. The word just came out while I was in the flow (of the speech). I certainly regret it. Even in Vidhan Sabha, if you ask the Opposition, I sometimes make such errors, but I do realise it.”
Meanwhile, Congress slammed Rajasthan minister for using foul language.
Congress leader and former Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot was quoted by the Daily as saying, “The BJP must take strong action against him and he should be sacked from his post. The BJP’s leaders are shamelessly saying whatever they want. They have literally crossed all limits.”
On the other hand, Congress state president Sachin Pilot said that “the state home minister’s comments about a former PM only reflect the state of his mental faculties”.

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