Stop humiliating Punjabis: Sukhbir Singh Badal asks CM

Chandigarh March 27 – Shiromani Akali Dal president Sukhbir Singh Badal has “strongly urged the state Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh to immediately reign in those members of the police force who are subjecting Punjabis to humiliation, not sparing even the ladies and the elderly.

Mr Badal has also urged his party’s leaders especially the legislators to stand by the people in their respective areas and to coordinate between them and the administration to ensure the supply of essential commodities. He also directed them to be vigilant against any emergency being faced by members of any family and to ensure that they are delivered the necessary help. He has asked them to contact him directly wherever they face difficulties in delivery of service to the people. “Cooperate with the administration and seek their cooperation. But wherever you face resistance contact me directly,” he said.

Mr Badal said that his party would function as the responsible opposition in the state and back all constructive efforts of the govt in dealing with a difficult situation. “I fully realize that this is the time to stand united and we will back every effort of the Punjab and the Union government in meeting the challenge. We will not resort to any criticism except when “limits are crossed by overzealous officials. I reiterate my offer of whatever help the CM desires of the Opposition in this fight, but he too must show some sensitivity to stress and difficulties being faced by the people at this time.”

In a statement here, Mr Badal also asked the senior police officials to issue the necessary instructions  to ensure that the police officials down the line use persuasion and, wherever necessary, a show of firmness rather than use of brute force and utter insensitivity  while carrying out their onerous task.”

The SAD president regretted that although the Chief minister in his latest statement has “acknowledged that the people of Punjab are being harassed and humiliated by some police officials at several places, he (the CM) has not said a single word either of regret over the mistreatment nor on instructing the force to use persuasion rather than brute force to ensure that everyone follows curfew orders.”

Mr Badal said that he fully realized that “the police officials are themselves under tremendous strain and are performing a most challenging duty away from their families. I fully appreciate your contribution especially at this difficult hour, but there is no need or justification in harassing and humiliating Punjabis as some officials have done at several places. No Punjabi will refuse to cooperate. Use persuasion and where necessary, firmness, but not brute force.”

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