RSS to counter ‘disinformation’ on social media over Ram Temple issue

4Raising the pitch on Ram temple issue, RSS said it will now train its volunteers and sympathisers so that they can counter the “disinformation campaign” on social media.
BJP leader and former Union minister Subramanian Swamy, who is actively pursuing the Ram Janambhoomi movement case in court, will provide perspective on the entire issue to RSS sympathisers at a seminar on February 20 in New Delhi for handling social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
The seminar on ‘Sri Ram Mandir: Emerging Scenario’ will be organised at the Deendayal Research Centre at RSS office in Jhandewala.
“BJP leader Subramanian Swamy will provide the right perspective and put forth facts over Ram Temple construction in Ayodhya to RSS volunteers and sympathisers, who in turn, will help stop the disinformation campaign on the issue on social media,” Delhi RSS’ media in charge Rajiv Tuli told PTI.
He said the issue has to be resolved either through an act in Parliament or through the court and it cannot be resolved by any other means.
He alleged that there is a disinformation campaign over the issue on social media and “there is no question of going ahead with temple construction without court consent”.
RSS has also called for early construction of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya and its chief Mohan Bhagwat had also made a call to this effect sometime ago.
The Ram Temple construction issue also came to the fore in the wake VHP chief Ashok Singhal’s death.
Tuli said RSS holds such sessions for its volunteers every month and this time it would be on Ram Temple. Similar sessions on intolerance debate and Article 370 have also been held earlier.
Swamy recently held a seminar in Delhi University on the issue, which had sparked a major controversy.

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