Karnataka: Ramanath Rai to be state’s next Home Minister? BJP voices opposition

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is likely to meet Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi to finalise the proposal.
Bengaluru: A closed-door meeting between Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and B. Ramanath Rai late Tuesday triggered speculation that the Minister for Forest and Environment could become the state’s next Home Minister.
The Bharatiya Janata Party has opposed Rai’s candidature.
Siddaramaiah holds the Home portfolio after the ruling party’s state unit president G Parameshwara quit the post in June on the Congress High Command’s advice.
As per The Hindu, Siddaramaiah is likely to meet Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi in this regard and finalise the proposal.
Putting a confirmation stamp on the development, Rai was quoted as saying by the daily: “I am ready to take up the responsibility if given the charge of Home Ministry. I have the experience handling various portfolios ably in my career.”
Voicing its opposition, Leader of the Opposition Jagadish Shettar said, “How can a man who cannot deal with one district, Dakshina Kannada as the in-charge minister, handle the law and order responsibility of the entire state.”

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