Pakistan’s first-ever Sikh police officer evicted from home, alleges turban untied

“At least give us ten minutes, we are staying here since 1947,” Gulab Singh can be heard as saying in a video of the incident.
Pakistan’s first-ever Sikh police officer, Gulab Singh, alleged on Tuesday that he had been forcefully evicted from his Lahore house and that his turban had been untied.
Alleging that treatment being meted out in Pakistan to people from the Sikh community is deplorable, Singh said that he had been evicted from his house in city’s Dera Chahal by local police officials and his turban was forcefully opened and hair untied. “This is how Sikhs are treated in Pakistan. I am being targeted. I was dragged out of my own house, my turban was opened,” he charged.
In a video, Singh was also seen pleading with police officials to give him time to move out of his residence. “At least give us ten minutes, we are staying here since 1947,” he can be heard saying. He also claims he was given no notice or reason for the eviction.
Pakistan’s record of treatment meted out to minorities in the county has always been deplorable but recent months have seen the situation worsening further. There have even been reports in the past that the country’s secret service – ISI – is specifically targetting Sikh youths and training them to carry out terrorist activities in India.
Religious leaders to have been targeted while forceful conversions are reportedly becoming increasingly frequent.

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