India’s Balochistan push works, European Parliament warns Pakistan of sanctions over atrocities on Balochi people

4Geneva: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to corner Pakistan over Balochistan issue seems to be yielding positive outcome.
In a major development, Ryszard Czarnecki, the vice president of the European Parliament on Friday had some strong words for Pakistan on the Balochistan issue.
While paying tribute to those killed in Balochistan, Czarnecki warned Islamabad of imposing economic and political sanctions on Pakistan, if it fails to stop atrocities on Baloch people.
The EU’s statement comes after Balochis and Indians held protests against Pakistan on Wednesday across the street from the United Nations office in New York city.
Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the human rights violations in Balochistan, several Baloch leaders living in exile have aggressively advocated for freedom of the restive region from the clutches of Pakistan.
Khan of Kalat Amir Ahmed Suleman Daud (Balochistan leader in exile) on Wednesday called Pakistan a rogue state.
Notably, Baloch nationalist leader Brahumdagh Bugti, who is the president of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) that is seeking independence for the troubled Pakistani province, has applied for asylum in India.
Earlier, Banuk Shirin, claiming to a be a Baloch woman, tweeted heart-rending pictures of Pakistan Army’s brutal killings.
Balochistan’s representative at UNHRC has accused Pakistan of committing war crimes against Baloch people and urged the international community to penalise Islamabad for its alleged human rights violations in the Baloch and Sindh regions.
Recently, a Baloch woman, who refused to be identified exposed Pakistan’s atrocities in the restive area, claimed that the Pak forces have rape cell, where women are confined and subjected to brutal sexual assault.
The woman said Pakistan uses tanks and fighter jets to silence their call for freedom.
Pakistan’s illegal occupation of Balochistan has gained international attention after Prime Minster Narendra Modi mentioned about the struggle of Balochi people during his Independence Day speech from the ramparts of Red Fort on August 15.

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