Gurugram: Drunk cop parks Fortuner in the middle of road, dances, blocks traffic

A senior policeman created ruckus in Gurugram on Sunday night by parking his Toyota Fortuner SUV in the middle of a road and danced to loud music from the car stereo. The incident reportedly occurred at Sheetla Mata Road in Gurugram late Sunday night.
His act led to a massive traffic jam in the area, with several cars and trucks getting stuck on the road. Following this, people tried to confront the policeman and asked him to move his SUV off the road. Instead of listening to them, the man flaunted his position as an inspector and continued his act.
The matter was reported to Gurugram police, who reached the spot at the earliest, and asked the man to move his vehicle. However, instead of complying with the directions of the police, the cop continued his act and even misbehaved with the Gurugram police team.
As he refused to budge, Gurugram police personnel made the cop and his friend sit in a jeep. According to The Times of India, he was taken to sector 5 police station.
He was then identified as Tarun Dahiya, an inspector in the crime unit of Nuh. Reports claim that the Gurugram police initially tried to hush up the matter by just filing a register complaint. But following intervention by locals, senior police officials took up the matter with Nuh Superintendent of Police Nazneen Bhasin.

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