Chandigarh – Election Commission of India (ECI) has issues detailed instructions regarding Payment of ex-gratia compensation to family of polling personnel.

Giving details in this regard, the Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab Dr. S. Karuna Raju said that Election Commission of India (ECI) has issues detailed instructions regarding slabs of payment of ex-gratia compensation to family of polling personnel for ex-gratia payment in the event of any mishap to the election related.

He further said that as per ECI instructions now an amount of Rs.15 Lakhs as the minimum amount to be paid to the next of kin of the official in the unfortunate event of death of the official while on election duty If the death is unfortunately caused due to any violent acts of extremist or unsocial elements like, road mines, bomb blasts, armed attacks, etc. the amount of compensation would be Rs.30 Lakhs. In the case of permanent disability, like loss of limb, eye sight, etc, a minimum ex- gratia payment of Rs.7.5 Lakhs would be given to the official (which would be doubled in the case of such mishaps being caused by extremist or unsocial elements as aforesaid).

CEO said that Payment of ex-gratia compensation to family of polling personnel who die or sustain injuries while on election duty will be applicable to all personnel deployed in all types of election related duties, all security personnel including(CAPFs, SAPs, State Police, Home Guards, etc.) any private persons like drivers, cleaners, etc, hired for deployment for election duty. The applicable period of election duty would start from the date of the announcement of the election. It is clarified that it would be reasonable to consider a person on election duty as soon as he/she residence/office to report for any election related duty Including training and until he/she reaches back his/her residence/office after performance of his/her election related duty. If any mishap takes place during this period, it should be treated as having occurred on election duty subject to condition that there should be a causal connection between occurrence of death/injury and the election duty.

He said the expenditure on account of payment of ex-gratia compensation to the polling personnel is wholly borne by Government of India during elections to Lok Sabha. The payment of ex-gratia compensation shall be made by state government initially and the claims shall be made of government of India later on. All the DEOs instructed to track death/injury cases and send a consolidated report from time to time to the Commission.

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