Bengaluru youth kills Flipkart delivery man for Rs 11,999 Chinese phone

5Bengaluru: In a shocking case, a Bengaluru youth murdered a Flipkart delivery boy to lay his hands on a Rs 11,999 Chinese mobile phone.
It was just another day on work for 29-year-old Nanjunda Swamy when he reached Vijayanagar to deliver a Redmi Note 3 phone. He had called the customer on his landline number to confirm his presence at the delivery address and would have expected to complete the transaction in a few minutes.
However, the customer, 22-year-old gym trainer K Varun Kumar, had stitched together a sinister plan – to kill Swamy.
The motive?
Kumar, who had recently got employed as a gym trainer, had no money to buy a cell phone for himself – all his friends and clients had one. He had sought help from his father, a mechanic, but was told that he should save from his salary to buy a phone.
Varun couldn’t wait that long. He hatched a plot – order phone online and then kill the delivery man.
Varun executed his plan by ordering a Redmi Note 3 from Filpkart. Varun gave the gym’s landline phone number as his contact number.
On December 9 afternoon Swamy called up Varun from near the building in Vijayanagar who asked him to come to the second floor.
As Varun did not have money, he first tried to snatch the smartphone, however, the victim managed to free himself and ran out of teh gym. However, Varun threw a flower pot him, rendering him unconscious.
The 22-year-old youth then took out a knife he had hid in the gym and slit the throat of Swamy.
Varun sent away clients that evening on some false pretext and waiting till night fall to drag Swamy’s body to the basement, where he shoved it into a left shaft and escaped with the Redmi phone, an HTC one and Rs 10,000 in cash.
Varun was traced after the body was found in the lift shaft. The police have booked him under IPC 302 (murder) and IPC 397 (robbery).

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