Azam Khan mocks Narendra Modi again, says ‘can make tea, play drums, fit to be PM’

5Saharanpur: Samajwadi party’s loudmouth leader Azam Khan has never concealed that he harbours prime ministerial ambitions. This time again he has had expressed his desire acquire the top post  and likened himself to present incumbent Narendra Modi.
Interestingly, Azam Khan, who has been a vocal critic of Modi, has said that he shares many of good qualities of the BJP leader like “making tea”, “dressing properly” and “playing drums” and claimed that he is a “fit candidate” for prime minister.
“I have all the qualities of becoming Prime Minister. I can make tea, play the drum, cook food and I wear proper clothes. Besides, I am not all that bad looking or am I corrupt,” he said at an e-rickshaw distribution function in Saharanpur.
Khan took jibes at PM Modi for his “chaiwala” beginnings, his “monogrammed suit” and his drum playing episodes in Japan and Tanzania.
“If I become Prime Minister, I assure you, I will deposit Rs 20 lakh in accounts of 130 crore people within six months. I am not like those who don’t keep their promises,” he said in an apparent dig at PM Modi over his poll promise of depositing Rs 15 lakh each in the account of every Indian.
“Nobody would have been poor if the money was deposited. People would not have to come here to take e-rickshaws to earn a livelihood but would have been ‘crore-patis’ (millionaires),” he said.
“A rikshaw puller always faces difficulty in getting his daughter married because the probable groom’s family rejects the proposal because of his social status and work,” he claimed.
The UP government is replacing cycle-rickshaws with e-rickshaws to give them the opportunity to earn better and regain their self-respect, he said.
Taking further potshots at PM Modi, Mr Khan said, “At a time when tension rages at the border and our poor are going hungry, he (Modi) sends ‘shawls’ to Pakistan and gets in return boxes of mangoes. The king is happy so is Pakistan. He will take advantage of this in the 2017 polls (in UP).”
Attacking the media, he said it was better to watch entertainment channels than news channels.

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